There are millions of hard core web gamers in the world and all of them connect to the internet to get their daily game fix. Popular games have millions of players online at any given point of time. These games’ servers are huge, multiple and are based on different locations. Most of the games give the players unique logins to mange player time and also to ensure game fair play. Multiplayer games use the internet IP to track each player’s game levels, in live time. Gamers are one step ahead when it comes to enjoying the games. They circumvent the system and IP tracing by making use of proxies.

The restrictions placed on the players are easily circumvented by proxies. Most of the games allow players to accumulate game collectibles, game currency, game credits and other such game related valuables. People will have keep playing the game levels to ‘earn’ these game utilities. They also sell these utilities for real time money to players who do not want to wait for so long to get their hands on the utilities. Gamers circumvent both these game limitations by using proxies and running the same game multiple times simultaneously.


Proxy USA

To set up a proxy connection, Apple device users will first need to connect to the network. They will then need to open the connection settings and scroll down to proxy settings. You have to select manual mode and then enter the proxy and port information. You will also need to enter the username and password of the network connection. This is for authentication purposes. Your connection will not be set on proxies. You will need to repeat the entire process for each connection manually. People use proxies on Apple devices to stay anonymous while they are browsing and also to monitor/regulate connectivity on the Apple devices that get connected through a particular network.