Proxies can burn up pretty fast, especially you are using them on applications or are rotating a bunch of them for a repetitive process. If you have just started using proxies, you’ll be surprised to see how fast they get wasted but you’ll also see how beneficial they can be for your work. It is important to keep the costs of proxies under check or risk a big hole in your budget. Here’s a look at the average cost of proxies in the market.

Shared Proxies: These proxies are easier to find and are optimal for usage in many web applications. These are the kind of proxies that are used in bots and automation softwares. The average cost of a shared proxy can range between 40 cents to 90 cents. It all depends on who the seller is. Reputed sellers also offer replacements for dead proxies if you are a monthly subscriber. It is better to pay little more and enjoy this benefit, rather than go the cheap way and end up with a bunch of dead proxies.

Dedicated Proxies: These can cost anywhere between $1 to $4. The costlier proxies are more reliable and last much longer. Dedicated proxies come from secure proxy servers and are not shared or sold to multiple people. That’s the reason for the higher cost. There are also premium proxies which can cost from $4 to $7. These proxies are used for specialized softwares which require safe proxies for masking as well as multiple utility.