When you buy proxies, you are given a choice of the choosing the geographic location of the IP. Many people do not pay too much attention to this. They think that any proxy which conceals their real IP is good enough. But that is not necessarily the case. There are some aspects that are directly affected by the location of the proxy server. Here’ why:

Speed: Internet connection speed is dependent on many factors and a proxy server adds on to it. It is not pleasant to experience a lag in connectivity, especially when you are using it on an application. The lag happens either because of the load on the proxy server or due to the location of the server. More likely the latter. The location of the proxy server needs to be in a country/geography, which has high speed broadband or cable internet. US, Aus, UK, Germany, etc, are examples of countries that have high speed internet.

Security: Some countries have draconian internet laws. They make it very difficult or people to stay anonymous and these countries do have their reasons for keeping the netizens under tabs. But that doesn’t help the proxy users. They are stuck with a proxy service provider who is compelled to keep the personal data, which is a big risk for the users.

Safety: This is the most important aspect that proxy users need to be aware of. The proxy makes it easy for the service provider to practically snoop on all activities of users. There is no stopping an unscrupulous service provider from selling personal data. There are certain countries that are notorious for harboring the bad guys of the internet (Nigeria did you say?). Do make sure you are not in the bad internet neighborhood which can instantly raise the red flag of the vigilantes.